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Merchant360 Releases Mobile Barcode Integration to VeriFone Solution

Merchant360, Inc., the leader in Point of Sale (POS) terminal application development and integration specializing in Mobile and Near Field Communications technology, has released a solution to enable retailers with a VeriFone Vx terminal to read barcodes from mobile phones for coupon redemption and loyalty program member identification.

Mobile barcode solutions like that used by Target and Starbucks to deliver coupons, manage loyalty identification, and process payments are growing but until now smaller retailers could not participate in or deploy their own solution without the high cost of integration and deployment of a larger Point of Sale (POS) systems.

The solution integrates a barcode reader with custom cable engineered by Merchant360 and an application developed by Merchat360 that runs on VeriFone Vx line of terminals. The core application can be customized and used for reading mobile coupons, scanning Universal Product Codes (UPC) from items and keeping a tab, check out, visit tracking, and loyalty identification.

“We’ve found that not only is this great for new mobile applications but it also has great potential for use in emerging markets as a low cost cash register system” said Steve McRae, CEO of Merchant360.