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Merchant360 Customizes NFC Tags and Delivers Globally

Merchant360, Inc., the leader in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology integration at the Point of Sale, has delivered over 17,000 NFC tags in small quantities to companies globally for testing, development and piloting.

Projects have included bus stop data on smart posters for southern California University, loyalty and payment tokens for consumers in Canada, corporate cafeteria prepaid tokens in Ireland, and venue ticketing solutions in Spain.

Customers include Alaska Airlines, University of Cologne, UnitedHealthCare, and MoneyCell.

“We focus on helping start-ups and major brands to integrate NFC into the point of sale and many of our clients needed blank or customized tags in small quantities for pilots and testing but could not find them so we invested in the technology and partnerships to provide NFC tag manufacturing, deployment with or without encoding, and tag estate management” said Steve McRae, CEO of Merchant360, Inc.

“To respect MoneyCell go-live date, the availability of NFC tags was crucial and we were under a tight schedule. Merchant360 assisted us during all the ordering, shipping and tracking process enabling us to respect our go-live date. They also provided valuable advice regarding encoding and the possible alternatives. The deployment was a success and MoneyCell is now deployed in an important University in Montréal (École de Technologies Supérieures). And during all these steps, Merchant360 delivered as a valuable partner.” Said François Bonetto, General Manager, AXON Integration & Development, providing IT for MoneyCell (DH International).