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Mobifyer Launches Near Field Communication (NFC) Development Kit for Android

Mobifyer, a Division of Merchant360, Inc. and leading enabler of contactless, RFID, and Near Field Communication solutions announced today the release of a Near Field Communication (NFC) development kit for Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Android developers have recently been exposed to NFC technology with the release of Gingerbread and the Samsung Nexus S phone however they have no real way to test and grow their developments. “We are in the business of increasing the adoption and acceptance of NFC, so with the release of this mainstream phone we developed some reference applications and packaged them with contactless tags to help everyone participate in the growth of NFC” said Steve McRae, CEO of Merchant360, Inc.

Mobifyer and parent company Merchant360 provides mobile contactless solutions for companies such as MoneyCell and Bling Nation.

The development kits, which can be purchased at www.mobifyer.com, feature Mobifyer mobile contactless tags that are custom encoded by the purchaser online (the Starter Kit is only $15 USD). When a program is ready to launch, Mobifyer supplies custom-designed, printed, and encoded contactless tags, wristbands, key fobs and cards.

Mobifyer, a Division of Merchant360, Inc. of Medford, OR is a leading enabler of Near Field Communications Solutions for program managers, developers and systems integrators by supplying the tools, resources, and services needed to “Mobify” users. Mobifyer focuses on increasing the adoption and acceptance of mobile contactless and Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions for payments, loyalty, ticketing, and access control.