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Core Technology





Point of Sale Integration Accelerator connects POS Systems to POS Terminals for Payments and Value Add Services Transactions. To support quick and easy VAS integration to retailer systems  including product level data tracking.

2.IS-VAST Point of Sale Applications and IS-VAST Acceptance Brand

Payments and Value Add Services applications customized for acquirers and issuers with IS-VAST Network acceptance. To support VAS acceptance at the Point of Sale.

3.MobiTranz™ Service

Fast, Reliable, and Secure transaction switching service. To support integrations to hosts around the world for payments and VAS transactions.

4.Mobifyer™ Platform

White label consumer mobile engagement applications and lifecycle management platform. To support and integrated ready to run solution for customers who do not already have their own mobile engagement solution.

5.IS-VAST Network Processing Service – See Next

  • Marketplace
  • Eschange
  • ClearingHouse

6.Value Add Service Platforms – See Next

  • LoyaltySpark
  • MyStoredValue


POS Application and estate management. To support download and manage of applications on terminals.