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NFC Solutions

Open NFC at the Point of Sale is here!

Facts about Open NFC at POS

What is it?

Merchant360 has developed a software for the point of sale, standard messaging formats for receipts and coupons, and method for transfer of messages between NFC enabled point of sale devices and NFC enabled mobile handsets. This solution allows for the real time bi-directional data transfer between NFC equipped mobile devices and NFC enabled point of sale terminals. POS can push a message to the mobile and mobile can push a message to the POS.

Merchant360 NFC at POS

What does the terminal need?

The VeriFone and Ingenico (others in progress) terminals need to have integrated contactless support and the Merchant360 libraries integrated into existing applications or Merhcant360 can develop new applications for your business.

What does the mobile application need to do?

The mobile application developer or integrator needs to obtain the standard NDEF message structure from Merchant360 and then register to listen for these messages. The wallet or other application developer or integrator wishing to receive receipts or coupons should contact Merchant360 at support@merchant360.net

Do you support terminal QR code presentment?

Yes – we can display QR code on the point of sale terminal or other second screen allowing the consumer to capture the QR code data thereby capturing receipt or coupon.

Do you support mobile QR code presentment?

Yes – Merchant360 has integrated barcode and QR code readers into terminals enabling thousands of merchants the ability to scan mobile presented barcode and QR codes along with SKU codes for purchased items.

What can I do with this solution?

  • Real time mobile receipting
  • Mobile coupon issuance with Visit Tracking
  • Mobile coupon redemption
  • Warranty data transfer
  • Consumer loyalty program enrolment or identity transfer
  • Consumer second factor verification at POS
  • Any data transfer from mobile to terminal or terminal to mobile

How much does it cost?

Depending on your needs and requirements solution can be a full turnkey terminal applications and processing or complex as source code you can incorporate into your own source code.

Pricing is determined by the level of effort and your requirements from licensing and can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for complex full solutions with global distribution.

We work with all kinds of organizations from small startups to large

What are the implementation options?

If you’re on the merchant acquiring side and already have a point of sale application:

If you are an acquiring bank, processor, or supplier of terminal solutions and want to integrate Merchant360’s bi-directional NFC capability then contact us at sales@merchant360.net If you’re a terminal application solution provider and need to augment your solution with bi-directional NFC then contact us at sales@merchant360.net

If you’re on the merchant acquiring side and need a point of sale application:

Weather your organization is small startup or global payments or value add services organization in need of a terminal solution with a bi-directional NFC, Contactless, QR, Swipe or mobile number entry application to support your business we will work with you to craft the right fit solution for your business. Contact us at sales@merchant360.net and lets’ schedule a time to review your needs.

If you’re on the consumer mobile solution side and have an application:

Big or small, experienced or not, adding this NFC capability to your existing application is simple. You contact Merchant360 at support@merchant360.net to obtain the standard messaging format, you register to listen for the message in your application and when message is receive you read it and use it as you wish! Just that simple.

If you’re on the consumer mobile solution side and need an application:

Merchant360 can help you get connected with the best wallet and mobile application developers in the world well versed in consumer engagement using NFC and QR technology.

Can Merchant360 manage my terminals?

Yes – Currently Merchant360 manages over 30,000 terminals globally with capability of remote real time updates and heartbeat tracking of mixed estate (VeriFone, Hypercom, Equinox, Ingenico, etc.) from one portal.