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Around the world Merchant360
makes promotions, loyalty, and payment
easy for brands, merchants and their customers.

verifone-vx-520-emv-nfc_2Making Point of Sale easy to understand and use is the key to merchant acceptance and consumer adoption. This means the interface, process and technology used must be consistent, demonstrate security, and just work. These are the values of Merchant360.

Started in 2008 by Steve McRae after having built VeriFone's global managed services business and seeking to do the same for others in the industry Merchant360 has been a pioneer of NFC integration, a leader of EMV upgrades, and inventive partner for value add services brands.

Our core customers are banks, payments processors and value add service providers from around the world. We work with some of the biggest brands and smallest start-up to help demystify the point of sale and allow everyone who wants it access.


Merhcnat360 started in 2000 as Growth and Profit, Inc. and since 2008 has delivered hundreds of solutions to companies, governments, and universities globally. Our customer list is our badge of honor and our portfolio of ready to go solutions and customizable modules are secure, reliable, and affordable.

Our Clients Include:

  • American Express, MasterCard, Visa
  • First Data, RBS, Chase Merchant Services
  • VeriFone, Hypercom, Dejavoo
  • Ford Motor Company, NXP Semiconductors
  • Heartland Payments, Bling Nation, MoneyCell
  • PayPal/eBay, Alaska Airlines
  • Stanford University, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Global Blue, Aramark, AT&T, CliniCard
  • Bain, McKinsey, CapitalOne

Our Solution Brands Include:

  • Merchant360™
  • NFCME™
  • Mobifyer™
  • MobiTap.me™
  • NFCExchange™
  • TapInToWin™
  • TapIntoMe™
  • TapTagHere™
  • MyStoredValue™
  • LoyaltySpark™
  • CashMover™
  • ChirpAlliance™
  • ConnectingSpark™
  • StadiumOrder™
  • Mobitranz™
  • ThanksDiscount™
  • SmartPoster4G™